Partnering for Strategic, Sustainable,
and Holistic Works of Justice.


  • JR-INC strives to bring about holistic, sustainable, and strategic works of justice
  • JR-INC understands justice as the balance: between ourselves, others, and the environment. Therefore, acts of justice are acts of relational reconciliation
  • JR-INC works in mutuality: in all our work, we believe every voice is valuable and needs to be heard
  • JR-INC partners with existing organizations: to implement projects that will bring transformational development, compassion and advocacy
  • JR-INC respects and values all people regardless of race, gender, age or any other difference that might cause separation
  • JR-INC commits to work hard to build and maintain community relationships
  • JR-INC believes in establishing a culture of learning and discovery as we engage with the community and partners