Partnering for Strategic, Sustainable,
and Holistic Works of Justice.

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JusticeRain, INC believes in investing in others to be better… a better employee, a better parent, a better student, a better friend, a better overall person. We are confident the various classes we offer help achieve just that. Our classes are generally structured in this way: Cost $99
3-hour intensive class 
Pre-class questionnaire 
Course material presentation & discussion on how to apply concepts in everyday life
Post class certificate and referral to other resources (if needed)

Parenting Classes

Key Focuses for class:

  • Basic parenting strategies / problem solving / goal setting
  • Five levels off communication
  • Words to use with your kids every day
  • Communication with your child: door openers vs door slammers
  • The natural progression of your child’s communication
  • Connecting points: the six A’s
  • Evaluating “media diet”

Anger Management Classes

Key Focuses for class:

  • Events and Clues
  • Aggression Cycle
  • Anger and the Family
  • Cognitive Restructuring
  • Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution

Anti-Theft Classes

Key Focuses for class:

  • Facts and Myths about Theft
  • Feelings, Thoughts, and Mind Traps
  • Roadblocks to Healthy Thinking
  • Thinking and Behavior Cycles

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