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Mental Health Counseling Program

Recent reports indicate that one in five adults have a mental health condition. JusticeRain’s Mental Health Program is designed to address this growing concern. Our counseling program has three key areas: Counseling, Coaching and Intervention with a mix of certified and non-certified counselors. These services are designed to work in coordination with one another for the benefit of those struggling with mental health disorders.

Counseling Services

JRI has been conducting Counseling Services for over five years.  We have two counsellors and intend to expand to four over the next year.  Our counselors meet with potential clients for a consult to identify an appropriate personalized treatment, set measurable goals, then meet regularly with the client to achieve those goals.  Evidence based best practices are used to achieve the clients goals.  Techniques utilized in the counseling sessions include:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Experiential Therapy
Movement Therapy
Trauma Informed Treatment Therapy
Pastoral Counseling
Family Systems Therapy


The Interventions segment of the counseling service has occurred for the past seven years.  Studies show conducting a proper intervention at the beginning of treatment, significantly increases the success rate of a counseling program.  We utilize the Arise/Family System Model for interventions.  Our interventions generally are initiated by a concerned family member or friend.  We first meet with the concerned party about the potential client to understand the potential client’s history.  In those meetings we align with the family expectations and accountability to move forward.  Once there is alignment with the family, the identified person is invited to the process.

Peer Coaching

The final piece of the counseling services is Peer Coaching.  Our Peer Coaches have come from backgrounds similar to the client.  They have received some training in the counseling field and are there to provide short, regular interactions with the clients as they are starting to engage normal life outside of treatment centers.  These contacts cover goal setting and following through on goals developed by the client and their counselor.  These contacts generally start off as daily and taper off over time until the Peer Coach is no longer needed.

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Services Include:

• Family Counseling

• Group Counseling

• Crisis Intervention

• Personal Coaching

• Personal & Group Training

• Court Assessments

• Expert Court Testimony