Partnering for Strategic, Sustainable,
and Holistic Works of Justice.

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The world is broken. Humanity, society, and our environment continue to suffer from this brokenness. The tension between brokenness and wholeness, and between justice and injustice has been ongoing for centuries. Something cries out within most of us against this brokenness. JRI seeks to be a part of the effort that strives to bring about change through strategic, sustainable, and holistic endeavors. We attempt to do this through partnerships with existing organizations, empowering local communities towards action, and finding individuals who are passionate about working toward bringing forth justice locally and globally in the world.

JusticeRain INC envisions a network of individuals and communities that are partnering to restore balance and peace through compassion, transformational development and advocacy.


Compassion: Responding to the need to feed the hungry, cloth the naked,heal the sick and visit those in prison.

Basic human needs must be met. JusticeRain INC responds to these needs in ways that recognizes all people with sustainability in mind.


Transformational Development: An awakening that restores and brings about change.

JRI recognizes that people, communities, and cultures need transformation. With this in mind, we look to partner with others in development and join individuals and communities to listen, learn, and discover together areas that may need transformation, and ways in which change can take place. Whether that is personal which may take place through counselling, programs, or education; or communal change which might include drilling a well, having a community garden; or societal in training women freed from sexual slavery, helping those recently released from incarceration. JRI views transformative work through the lens of holistic change.


Advocacy: Working to reveal and reform structures that perpetuate broken relationships.

Our broken world is filled with broken systems and institutions. Our call is to speak into these broken systems with truth and grace to bring about sustainable change.