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College Test Prep 

Your high school student has taken the PSAT… now what?

JusticeRain, INC now offers college test prep services, taught by a top Main Line test prep expert, to prepare your high school student for SAT and ACT testing.

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The SAT or ACT is required for admission to some colleges and universities. It is accepted for placement and scholarships in still more. It’s also often used by athletic recruiters. Let’s have a conversation about whether you should test, when, and how to prepare.
When should I test?
Some students are anxious to get started on the college admissions process. Others feel that just getting through high school is enough of a challenge. Justice Rain INC Tutoring recommends that you start preparing for your test no earlier than the summer before your junior year and no later than the summer after. The whole process, including the scoring, should be complete by the fall of your senior year. Talk to us about your timeline!
Should I take the SAT or the ACT?
The tests are not that different, but you do have a choice. Some people find the timing of the ACT too hectic, while others find the wording of the SAT too tricky. They also are scheduled at different times. Let’s discover together which one is right for you.
Do I qualify for a fee waiver?
If you qualify for the free school lunch program, you qualify for a fee waiver for either test. Your school guidance counselor will help you apply, but if you’re still unsure, we may be able to help you understand this process.
Do I qualify for extra time or other accommodations on the test?
If you have an IEP that provides accommodations at school, and you use them, you may qualify for extra time or other accommodations on either test. Again, your school counselor is the primary point of contact for this process, but we may be able to help you think through how testing with a disability will affect your strategy.
What is a good score?
The SAT and ACT do not score like tests at school. JRINC would be happy to meet with you and your family and help you understand your scores and your potential for growth. To give you an idea:
  • Immaculata likes to see at least a 900 SAT, 19 ACT
  • West Chester University is looking for a 970 SAT, 21 ACT
  • Penn State Main likes a minimum 1230 SAT, 27 ACT
  • The University of Pennsylvania expects a minimum 1450 SAT, 32 ACT
We hope that helps put your score in perspective! And remember: scores are only part of your total admissions package, including GPA, activities, essays, and the interest you’ve demonstrated in the school. Let’s talk about where you are and where you would like to be!